Zigbee Dimmer Module

This smart light dimmer switches is worked with Zigbee signals. Compatible with most Zigbee 3.0 gateways. It can help you to create the lighting groups as you want, control them from any room and expand it any time; Meanwhile, you can share with your families and you all can create various scenes for get up, sleep and so on.

Advantages of Zigbee Dimmer Module

Advantages of Zigbee Dimmer Module

Zigbee Protocol

This smart ZigBee dimmer module is compatible with Tuya ZigBee 3.0 hub gateway. It is easy and stable to connect the mobile phone and devices, a good substitution for unstable WiFi.

Easy Link

If there is no or weak wifi network, this Zigbee dimmer module is more stable and allows more devices connected via ZigBee than WiFi protocol.

Set Required Brightness

0%-100% Dimmable; Adjust the Brightness Via Your Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa Google Home or your mobile Phone App.

App Control

Compatible with popular "smart life” / Tuya android/ios App. Mobile phone App realizes remote control and multiple functions to full control your lights.

Compact & Installation

This small smart dimmer module is equipped with fixed bracket. It can be easily installed in old wall box behind the existing dimmer switch, Neutral wire is required.

Quality & Warranty

CE, RoHS approved by Authoritative Intertek test lab. 2 Years warranty. Accept customer customization for logo, color box, etc.

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