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As a smart home automation module supplier, we are a factory who design, produce & sale high quality LED lights and a whole series of smart home control system based on advanced Wifi, Bluetooth Zigbee & RF wireless technology. Our product line covers the smart switch module, smart dimmer switch module, smart curtain switch module, roller shutter switch module, door switch module, RGBCW LED controller, smart dimmable led driver, RF remote controller, a smart plug, and so on.

Our designs are under the main principle of great user experience, long lifetime, advanced technology, easier and quick installation. We are compliant with the ISO9001:2015 quality control system and have our products approved by CE, RoHS, S, ETL, SAA tested by authoritative lab Intertek, and we have got various product design patents. We are ready to catch up with the latest technology and innovation according to users changing needs.

Aihomestyle Smart Home Products FAQs

Aihomestyle Smart Home Products FAQs

What devices can be connected to your smart switch module?

All kinds of lamps, curtains, blinds, roller shutters, door switch, led drivers and Some specific appliances according to their specification and rated power.

When there is no internet can I still control the devices connected to your smart switch module?

Yes, our products support LAN control, and you can also use manual switch to control the devices.

What are the difference between your switch module and dimmer module?

Our smart switch module are mainly used to remote control on/off of electrical appliance, they are working with rocker switch. Our dimmer switch module are used for remote control on/off and brightness of lights, they are working with push switch.

What APP and cloud you smart home module products support to?

Our smart products can be controlled by Smart life APP, TUYA Smart App and TUYA Cloud.

Can I use RF remote controller to control your home automation module products?

Yes, as long as you request, our products can add RF receiver to support RF remote control.

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