LED Oyster Ceiling Light

This LED ceiling oyster light is very popular in resident lighting and commercial lighting area. It is widely used in Corridor, living room, stair case, household, hall, art gallery, museum, office, shopping mall, hotel, hospital…As oyster light supplier, we can provide you with different kinds of oyster light to meet your needs.

Different Types Of LED Oyster Ceiling Light

LED Ceiling Oyster Light

  • QS-NC

  • Input 110V / 240V AC

  • Power: 12W / 18W / 24W / 30W

  • Light source: SMD LED, 80lm/W

  • Power factor: 0.95

  • CCT: 3000K / 4000K / 6000K


Features Of LED Oyster Ceiling Light

Optional function of Microwave motion sensor.
AC Input directly, side lighting.
Uniform luminance. Light is bright and even, no glare, friendly to eyes.
High quality driver with high efficiency and high PF.
Environmentally friendly, free from mercury and does not emit in-fared or UV rays.
CE, RoHS approved.

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