Knob Smart Dimmer

If you want to replace your normal knob dimmer, our smart WiFi knob dimmer will be your best choice. It is with classic appearance, keeping your operation habit as manual knob dimming your lights, but also add powerful smart functions on it. You can remote control your lights when you are not at home, voice command Alexa or Google Home when your hands are full.

Types Of Knob Smart Dimmer

Advantages of Knob Smart Dimmer

Advantages of Knob Smart Dimmer

Synchronous Operation

Smart control your devices by mobile phone App while keep function of physical knob dimmer. APP control is synchronized with the manual knob dimmer.

WiFi Protocol

For 2.4G Wi-Fi only. No hub required.

Brightness Dimming

This smart knob dimmer can dim the triac LED lights from 0% to 100%. Change the atmosphere of your kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom.

Voice Control & App Control

Compatible with a smart speaker like Google Home and Amazon Alexa and mobile phone Apps like Tuya App or “smart life”.

Automation Functions

Using the functions of schedule, group, scene, timer, countdown, share and more to easily achieve home automation.

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