Bluetooth Dimmer Module

This smart Bluetooth 4.0 dimmer module is an essential accessory for your home automation system. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa / Echo / Dot and Google Home. After activating the skill, you can control the brightness/ON/OFF of the connected lights by voice command. Also supports remote control by mobile phone App. You can adjust the brightness anywhere in the room.

Advantages of Bluetooth Dimmer Module

Advantages of Bluetooth Dimmer Module

Bluetooth Protocol

This smart dimmer module is designed with Bluetooth 4.0 chip. With no Bluetooth mesh gateway, the distance between Phone and Device is 10m. With Bluetooth 4.0 Mesh Gateway, the distance between Phone and Device can be more than 10m.


Small size to install in the wiring box behind the traditional dimmer switch. It can transform your traditional dimmer into smart dimmer.

Tuya App Control

Support mobile phone App “Smart Life” and Tuya App to control the lights. App control is synchronized with the manual dimmer switch.

Alexa/Google Home Voice Control

You can control this module via voice command through Alexa / Google home to turn on/off or set the brightness of the connected lights. Just say“Alexa, turn on the lights”.

Power Saving

Bluetooth switch module is with the lowest power consumption than other smart ways.

Multiple Functions

Support timer function, multi-users control and memory function. One dimmer switch can be controlled by multi-phones and one phone can control several dimmer switch.

Quality & Warranty

CE, RoHS approved by Authoritative Intertek test lab. 2 Years warranty. Accept customer customization for logo, color box, etc.

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