Zigbee Switch Module

This smart switch module is controlled by Zigbee technology. No matter with or without neutral wire, 1 gang, or 2 gangs design, it will be your best option. It is compatible with most Zigbee 3.0 wireless gateway. Using it, you can control your fan, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, bulbs, incandescent lamps, LED lights, etc., easily through your mobile phone App or voice speaker Alexa or Google home. Controlled by this smart switch module, Zigbee light module will make your home life more comfortable.

Advantages of Zigbee Switch Module

Advantages of Zigbee Switch Module

Compatible and Synchronous

Compatible with most Zigbee 3.0 gateway. App control is synchronized with the manual switch. Transform your traditional switch into the smart switch.

Circuit Options

With or without neutral wire, 1 gang or 2 gangs to control more devices according to your needs.

Easy Installation & Fast Connection

Easy install and wire connection behind the existing switch, keep function of manual switches. Fast and stable connection between mobile phone and devices.

Voice Control

Hand-free voice control via Amazon Alexa/Echo/Dot, Google assistant etc.


Timing, countdown, memory, schedule function, group, smart scene and automation control, setting and organized with other smart devices, help you achieve home automation easily no matter where you are.

Quality & Warranty

CE, RoHS approved by Authoritative Intertek test lab. 2 Years warranty. Accept customer customization for logo, color box etc.

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