Bluetooth Switch Module

Bluetooth technology was first known to us as it appeared on mobile phones, replacing the traditional infrared transmission. After continuous development, Bluetooth devices have been used in smart switches to assist the functions of smart switches. Our Bluetooth smart switch module combined with the traditional mechanical wall switch, not only makes the wall switch into the intelligent switch but also maintains the unity of the original wall switch and the whole home decoration.

Advantages of Bluetooth Switch Module

Advantages of Bluetooth Switch Module

Compatible and Synchronous

Compatible with most Bluetooth 4.0 mesh gateway. App control is synchronized with the manual switch.

Low Power Consumption

Bluetooth switch module is with the lowest power consumption than other smart ways.

Distance Limits

With no Bluetooth mesh gateway, the distance between Phone and Device is 10m. With Bluetooth Mesh Gateway, the distance between Phone and Device can be more than 10m.

Quick Speed Connection

Fast connection to smartphone APP by helping with Bluetooth 4.0 chip.

Home Automation

Through APP and voice control, you can get multiple functions to make your home smart. Such as Timing, countdown, memory, schedule, group, share etc.

User Friendly

Easy install and wire connection behind the existing switch, keep function of manual switches.

Voice Control

You can voice command the connected lights or devices via Amazon Alexa/Echo/Dot, Google assistant, IFTTT etc.

Quality & Warranty

CE, RoHS approved by Authoritative Intertek test lab. 2 Years warranty. Accept customer customization for logo, color box, etc.

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