Smart Controller For LED Strip

Our smart home led strip controller is designed to control your LED strips of all types. It can help you to remote control or voice control all your LED flexible strip lights by mobile phone APP or amazon Alexa/echo/dot, Google home, etc. Smart home led strip controller can control your LED strip lights via five channels, like a white, warm white, red, green, blue channel to meet all your needs.

Types Of Smart Light Controller

Benefits Of Owning Aihomestyle's Smart Light Controller

By using our smart strip light controller, you can not only control the ON/OFF, brightness, color changing, time setting, scene setting etc of only one LED strip lights, but also can groups of led strips lights throught one mobile phone. You can also share your settings to your families. So they can use your settings to control groups of the LED strip lights. You can control the lights no matter if you are far away from your home or just command Alexa or Google home to realise it. It is powerful and just enjoy your smart life by using our smart LED strip light controller.

Aihomestyle Recommends You To Install Our Smart Light Controller

We are a professional smart home appliance in smart switch(used in LED Lighting, TV, fan, air-condition, coffee pot. washing machine. cooker, etc. ) smart lighting dimmer, a smart curtain. smart led strip controller and smart RGBCW lighting. So far our smart items already entered in EU multi-national big supermarkets for 3 years. Our products got CE, ROHS, FCC certificates.

Our advantage is:

  • We are a factory, all our smart products are developed by our engineer team. If you have problems, we would like to answer if you need them. Also, we have new items to recommend every 1-2 months.

  • Some of our items have wi-fi, Bluetooth, RF, Zigbee 4 versions for one item.

  • We use tuya original tuya module. tuya has nearly 90,000 different kinds of smart items. Both in-home use and industrial use. So if your clients have another requirement for more smart items, they only use one app is enough. No need to install another APP.

So we strongly recommend you install and use our smart light controller.

Control Your LED Strip Lights Easily By Aihomestyle's Smart Light Controller

Control Your LED Strip Lights Easily By Aihomestyle's Smart Light Controller

If your LED strip lights are only with a single color, the smart light wifi controller enables you to control the ON/OFF and brightness of the strip light by mobile phone APP or smart voice speaker. When your lights are dual-color, besides ON/OFF and brightness, it can also adjust the color changing between your two colors. If your lights are full colors, it provides you lots of choices to the color-changing modes to make your world more colorful.

How A Smart Light Controller Works

Connect your LED strip lights to the right channels on our smart light controller. Then power on the controller, connect to Wifi successfully. Make sure your router is configured to 2.4G, and your smartphone succeeds to connect to this 2.4G network and the WiFi signal is strong. Make sure the "AP isolation/Access point" function of your router is deactived. Then start to control the ON/OFF, brightness, color changing of the LED strip lights throught your tuya smartlife APP or smart voice spearker.

How A Smart Light Controller Works
How A Smart Light Controller Works
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