What Are the Major Advantages of Lighting Smart?

With the rapid development of technology, many products have been innovated and equipped with new functions, dubbed as "smart". Technology has made our lives more convenient. So, what is lighting smart?

Understanding of lighting smart

Lighting smart refers to a distributed wireless or wired control system composed of computer, wireless communication data transmission, computer intelligent information processing, and energy-saving electrical control technologies. Under the premise of a preset program, it automatically controls lighting based on different times of day, outdoor lighting conditions or the flow of people in the area. Through lighting smart, it can present a variety of different styles, which is the core value of lighting smart.

The main functions of smart light system

Energy-saving function

Automatically adjust the light intensity according to the actual indoor illuminance to achieve the purpose of saving energy.

Timing function

Can set the timing switch of lighting, and lighting can be adjusted according to the time period set.

Human body induction function

When someone enters the room, the system can automatically detect human body and turn on the lighting.

Space optimization function

Automatically adjust the lighting according to indoor illuminance, brightness and other information to make the indoor lighting more uniform, thus improving the indoor lighting environment.

The main advantages of lighting smart

  • Unparalleled convenience. The main reason most people buy smart bulbs or smart light strips is convenience. With lighting smart, even if you are not at home, you can control the lighting or use an application on your smartphone to automatically arrange most of the daily lighting functions.

  • Reduce energy consumption. Using certified smart LED bulbs, it can save about 90% energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

  • Improve bulb lifespan. LED lights not only save energy, but also have a longer lifespan. The service life of many smart LED lights can reach 50,000 hours.

  • Provide security protection. Installing lighting smart helps make your home safer when you are on vacation or working late in the office. Even if no one is at home, it can make your home look inhabited, mislead thieves, and reduce the likelihood of burglary.

  • Create customizable ambient lighting. Use smart LED light strips to create fully customized lighting scenes according to the user's mood or use occasion. Control it with voice commands or mobile applications, from doing homework to dinner to watching movies, and even sleeping, without touching the light switch or getting up from the sofa.

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