What Are the Functions of Wifi Mains Relay?

Introduction of WiFi mains relay

A relay is an electronic control device that has a control system (also known as an input loop) and a controlled system (also known as an output loop). It is usually applied in automatic control circuits, and it is actually a "automatic switch" that controls a larger current with a smaller current. It plays a role in automatic regulation, safety protection, circuit conversion and other functions in the circuit.

The switch is suitable for the intelligent transformation of traditional electrical equipment. The product is small in size and suitable for concealed installation in dark boxes. It does not require the replacement of existing switches/sockets/lamps/appliances at home, and does not change the original home decoration style. The WiFi mains relay supports double control switch retrofitting, combined with rich timing functions, providing convenience for your life. The WiFi mains relay has various product forms: lighting control, switch control, socket control, curtain control, dimming control, fan control, etc., meeting various needs of families.

Functions of WiFi mains relay

Remote control

Using the WiFi mains relay, you can control the corresponding control switch of intelligent circuit breaker for lights, fans or other devices through a mobile phone APP. Regardless of where you are, you can check and control the status of home appliances online, and have control at your fingertips. When you leave for work in the morning and find that the bedroom light is not turned off, simply turn it off remotely and save energy.

Multiple-input and multiple-output control

The WiFi mains relay can support up to 4 channels of switch signal input, and control up to 4 channels of output devices. One device can control multiple appliances in the home, and each channel is independently controlled with clear status. It also supports multiple switch retrofitting, with various product forms to meet the needs of families.

Random timing

The WiFi mains relay can randomly execute the action of opening and closing, without regularity. Set a total time and control the devices to turn on and off randomly within this time period. When you are not at home at night or on vacation, set up random timing at night to control the indoor light switch to simulate the scenario of someone at home and prevent burglary.

Electricity monitoring

The WiFi mains relay constantly monitors voltage, current, and power data, and can review the historical daily/monthly/yearly power consumption through the panel. It can also set overcurrent, overvoltage, and overload points, and automatically disconnect the relay when the set value is exceeded, protecting the safety of the appliances.

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