What Functions Do Smart Life Lights Have?

Centralized control and multipoint operation function of intelligent lamp

Terminals in any place can control lights in different places; Or terminals in different places can control the same lamp. Using various ways to manage the lighting control system, touch screen, network, PDA and telephone allow users to use the simplest method to control the equipment in their room at any time and any place (even in the swimming pool).Soft start function of intelligent lampWhen you turn on the light, the light gradually changes from dark to bright. When the lights are turned off, the lights gradually change from bright to dark, so as to avoid the sudden change of brightness and stimulate the eyes, thus giving them a buffer and protecting them. But also avoids the impact of sudden change of large current and high temperature on the filament, protects the bulb and prolongs the service life.

Light and dark adjustment function of intelligent lamp

Whether you are meeting a visitor, watching TV, listening to music, spending time with your family, thinking alone, or even tasting whiskey, adjusting the brightness of different lights can create a comfortable, peaceful, harmonious and warm atmosphere for you to experience life more deeply. Soft light can give you a good mood, while little dark light can help you think, while more bright light can make the atmosphere more warm. With smart home zigbee led panelthese operations are very convenient. You can press and hold the local switch to brighten and dim the light, or you can use a centralized controller or a remote controller to adjust the brightness of the light just by pressing a button.

Intelligent light on and off and memory function

The lights of the whole lighting system can realize the functions of one-key full opening and one-key full closing. When you go to sleep or leave home, you can press the all-off button, and all lighting devices will be turned off. It saves you the trouble of running all over the room.

Timing control function of intelligent lamp

Through the schedule management module, you can define the timing on and off of lights. For example, at 7:00 every morning, turn on the bedroom light slowly to a suitable brightness; In the middle of the night, automatically turn off all lighting.

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