Popular Smart Home Lamps

With the continuous development of economy and technology, intelligent home life is favored by more and more people. Intelligent products have brought great convenience to our lives. So what are the advantages of smart home lights? 

1. Smart home lamps: convenient

Home intelligent lighting control is very convenient. For example, when a child forgets to turn off the light at night, adults can see it in their own bedroom and turn it off directly in their own room; or go to the bathroom at night to be afraid of the dark, you can turn on the light in this room first, Then turn on the hallway lights and the bathroom lights, and when you come back, you can directly turn off all the lights.

2. Smart home lamps: energy saving

The intelligent lighting control system uses various "preset" control methods and control components to accurately set and reasonably manage the illuminance of different environments at different times and achieve energy saving. This method of automatically adjusting the illuminance makes full use of the natural light outdoors, and only turns on the lights or lights up to the required brightness when necessary, and uses the least energy to ensure the required illuminance level. more than 30%.

Smart home lamps can prolong the life of the light source, and the intelligent lighting control system can successfully suppress the surge voltage of the power grid. At the same time, it also has functions such as voltage limiting to avoid damage to the light source caused by overvoltage and undervoltage, and can prolong the life of the bulb.

3. Smart home lamps: scenario control

Now, smart home lamps have been scene-based. When guests come to the home, the user can switch the scene from the home mode to the guest mode, which can make the meeting between friends closer to nature; if you want to watch a movie on weekends, you can automatically pull up the curtains, close the ceiling light, and open the spotlights convert the scene in the living room into home theater mode; after closing the door at work every morning, it will automatically activate the leave-home mode, and all lights and doors and windows will be automatically turned off; in summer, in order to prevent room temperature from being too high, the curtains will be pulled up; when you go to bed at night, close the bedroom door, and the sleep mode will automatically turn on. Except for the wall lamp at the head of the bed, keep it at a soft brightness, and the rest of the lights will automatically turn off.

In today's pursuit of quality, smart home lights have brought us a lot of beautiful life experience and added the joy of life. When purchasing smart lights, everyone should choose a well-known brand, so that the quality is more guaranteed.

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