Why Do People Love WiFi Mains Relay?

What is WiFi mains relay?

WiFi mains relay is an installed device that can be added to any circuit and allows remote wireless control of any other device connected to that circuit. Essentially, this means that you can control a whole new range of devices, appliances, and electrical accessories just like you control lighting, heating, and plug-in devices.

Using WiFi mains relay, you can get more creative with routines and automations. For example, you can gradually open blinds by triggering the relay or opening the garage door when you walk out the front door, taking your morning routine to a new level. LED strip light in the kitchen? Make it easier to see your work surface while cooking, and then switch to your dinner lighting scene with a simple tap or voice command, wirelessly triggering your WiFi mains relay to turn off the LED strip light.

How does WiFi mains relay work?

There are several different options when it comes to how WiFi mains relays work. Some have three latching positions: open, stop, and close, allowing control of automatic curtains, electric gates, or garage doors. Others control three independent power circuits independently, but without the ability to switch between three different positions. With a maximum shared load of 3.5kW, this relay is ideal for controlling high-power loads such as commercial lighting, floor heating, or pumps for garden water features. The relay can also monitor energy consumption and display it in simple graphics through an app.

Both of these options, however, can be hidden behind fixtures, within circuits, or in waterproof housings, adding stylish and unobtrusive additional functionality to your system. If you have voice control software, you can also control these devices with your voice.

Why do installers love WiFi mains relays?

WiFi mains relays are versatile devices that can solve a lot of problems for professional installers and qualified electricians. When paired with a wider home automation system, installers can set up wireless "magic buttons" from any smart dimmer switch that triggers WiFi mains relays. This means there is no need for extra wiring between switches and fittings or devices. Some good examples of this are using relays to control bathroom extractors or using relays for your garden floodlights, which can be controlled by any smart dimmer switch throughout your home.

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