How To Choose Right Smart LED Lamp?

With the development of social science and technology, people have higher requirements for the quality of life, and LED lights have emerged as the times require, which is more in line with our green environmental protection concept. Today, Collette will explain to you how to choose LED lights.

Characteristics of led lighting lamps

1. Low power consumption: LED with light efficiency of 75Lm/W consumes 80% less power than incandescent lamp with equal brightness;

2. Long service life: the service life of the product is as long as 50,000 h, and it can be used for 7 years after continuous lighting for 24 hours;

3. The nanosecond response speed makes the dynamic control of brightness and color easier, and can realize the dynamic change and digital control of color;

4. Large design space: It can be organically integrated with buildings to achieve the effect of seeing only light but not lights.5. Environmental protection: no harmful metal mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation.6. Color: Different wavelengths produce different colored lights, which are bright and saturated, and do not need a filter. They can be controlled by the three primary colors of red, green and blue to form different colors, and can achieve various color effects such as full color and gradient.

Important reference for selecting led lamps

1. There should be no ultraviolet light and infrared light in the spectral components. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays will not only cause keratitis, but also cause damage to lens, retina and choroid.

2. The color temperature of light should be close to natural light. People live in natural light for a long time, and human eyes have strong adaptability to natural light and good visual effect.

3. No electromagnetic radiation. It can not only provide a comfortable lighting space, but also meet people's physiological health needs, and is an environmentally friendly healthy light source. Long-term use can protect eyesight and prevent myopia.

4. Zero stroboscopic, will not make the eyes tired. The power supply frequency of ordinary fluorescent lamp is 50 Hz, which means that it lights up and dims 100 times per second. It belongs to low-frequency stroboscopic light, which will make the regulating organs of human eyes in a tense state of regulation, leading to visual fatigue. The light emitted by LED is a frequency-free flash.

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