The Principle and Advantages of Smart Home WiFi Smart Switch

Nowadays, more and more household appliances and other electronic devices can be remotely controlled through connection with smartphones. For example, through smartphone connection, you can switch on/off the TV, control the air conditioning temperature, and change channels, etc., thus achieving true smart home automation. Smart development is not limited to these common home appliances only. It can also be implemented on electric switches, sockets, and other lighting fixtures with smartphone WiFi connectivity.

Principle of smart home WiFi smart switch

The serial port WiFi smart switch modulewifi is embedded with commonly used switches and sockets, realizing the conversion of serial port data to wireless data. Coupled with a user-friendly APP operation interface, enjoy even more convenient and intelligent home automation. You can even improve the appearance of the original switches or sockets, such as replacing the traditional mechanical switches with touch screens, making the appearance of the traditional sockets more beautiful, etc.

Characteristics and advantages of smart home WiFi smart switch

  • It can reduce the trouble of rewiring and be fast, simple and safe.

  • Enjoy a variety of different operation methods, such as panel operation (retaining the original attributes of sockets and switches), intelligent remote control of smartphones, etc. During remote control, a variety of different operations can be performed, such as energy-saving and enhanced operation. Energy-saving, wireless WiFi smart socket and switch enter sleep mode to save electricity for users; enhanced operation is generally a user-defined mode, such as turning on home lighting, turning on the refrigerator power supply, etc.

  • The serial port WiFi smart switch modulewifi has strong signal penetration. It transmits signals through wireless WiFi. The intelligent home WiFi smart switch socket can receive signals across three layers of walls, with fast and accurate reception speed.Scene mode, freely control the lighting atmosphere in your home. Intelligent smartphone control is fast and scenes change instantly.

  • One-click on/off, freely combine lighting or smart appliances, realizing various different controls.

  • Power-off self-locking and automatic alarm. In the absence of electricity, traditional switches and sockets must be turned off and unplugged before leaving, otherwise it will cause waste when called again. The smart home WiFi smart switch or socket will automatically sound an alarm, send a message to the user's smartphone, and switch to the shutdown state. Upon return, it automatically sends a text message to the user's smartphone. The user does not need to worry about the status of the appliance switches.

  • Dimming and color control. Smart home WiFi smart switch or socket users can adjust the brightness of the lights infinitely and automatically memorize and store the status.

  • Delayed shutdown function. For example, when going out, you can set the door light to turn off after 30 seconds with a single click, avoiding the embarrassment of fumbling in the dark.

  • It can prolong the life of switches or sockets. When the smart home WiFi smart switch or socket turns off the light, the light gradually goes out, which helps to extend the life of the electronic appliances being used.

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