What Is Wifi Mains Relay?

Understanding WiFi mains relay

The WiFi mains relay is equipped with firmware built into the circuit board, allowing you to control one relay, a group of relays, or all relays at once, with both manual and automatic refresh commands. The WiFi mains relay controller allows wireless computer control switching from any computer connected to the network. Connect the WiFi module to the desired wireless network. Once configured, you can control these relays from the network protocol of your choice.

The WiFi mains relay has four different wireless protocols - more than any other manufacturer. Apart from the wireless type, each protocol differs slightly in the wireless range it can transmit. Some wireless options have different transmission ranges, which are achieved by adding external antennas at checkout. Choose the wireless relay that suits your needs or the range of transmission you want.

Wireless transmission is achieved through the module installed on the board. All boards are equipped with modules, and the corresponding module will be installed when you select a wireless protocol.

Applications of WiFi mains relay

Remote Control, Smart Linkage

WiFi mains relay allows you to remotely control household appliances connected to smart switches through the mobile App without distance restrictions, whether you are on a business trip or traveling.

Smart Timing, Colorful Life

Rich timing features solve the daily annoyance and realize a colorful life. Set the morning light to wake up, establish a regular lifestyle; delay turn off lights before going to bed at night to avoid walking in the dark; set a routine cycle timing to oxygenate the fish tank when working, raising pets without worry or effort; go out during long weekends, set random timing to turn on/off lights to simulate someone at home, anti-theft, and anti-burglary, rest assured and play.

Switch Upgrade, Smart Dual Control

Without replacing the original ordinary switch, through connecting the WiFi mains relay, it can be upgraded to a smart switch. At the same time, it also supports dual control line transformation. Two switches control the same light, and the WiFi mains relay can be installed in one of the switches' load boxes. For example, if the bedroom door and bedside switch are dual-controlled, turning off the lights in the winter is no longer chilly.

Pulse Mode, Free Your Hands

In addition to supporting one-click on/off, WiFi mains relay also supports pulse control. You can customize the time setting, and after the device is turned on each time, it will automatically turn off after a period of delay, effectively avoiding frequent operation. For example, setting the corridor light to 1 minute of pulse mode, the corridor light triggers to turn on, and only wait for 1 minute, it will automatically turn off without manual operation, convenient and energy-saving.

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