Can Smart LED Lamps Be Used in Ceiling Fans?

Some home features these days are more of nostalgia than practical use. While your parents may prefer ceiling fans, you may be more impressed by the open ceilings and central air conditioning of a modern building. It turns out that the new lighting technology may also be incompatible with older fans.

1. Ceiling fans and smart LED lamps

For starters, the fixtures on ceiling fans are very small or extremely decorative. Small fixtures are necessary because the fan already takes up so much overhead space that the light fixtures suffer. You'll notice how pale and sickly the light from a ceiling fan is because of the size and wattage limitations of the bulbs that can be placed in a ceiling fan fixture.

Smart LED lamps are not very suitable for ceiling fan light kits. These fixtures are relatively small and usually cannot fit smart LED lamps inside. Even if it fits, the convenience factor of using smart LEDs is lost because the fans still need to be manually controlled. Exploring your options when setting up your smart home is important to avoid bad decisions. Now you know you can get stand-alone light fixtures or smart switches that control fans and lights.

2. Can you control the fan through smart LED lamps?

While a smart LED lamp and its remote app can do a lot of cool things you've always imagined, it's limited to the components it's connected to. You'll agree that if you invest in smart LED lamps, you want all the benefits that come with it. For example, remotely control the lights through a remote app, such as adjusting the brightness or switching the lights on and off. The whole idea expresses convenience at your fingertips. But if, at the end of the day, you're still going to have a switch to control the fan, that defeats the purpose. Saying "dim the light to 50%" sounds a little silly if your smart LED lamps are connected to software on your smartphone, but it works. Smart LED lamps, remote apps or digital assistants, cannot control the fans because they are not linked. Besides installing dedicated light fixtures, there is another solution if you really like ceiling fans. You can get smart switch dimmers that allow you to control lights and fans remotely from your phone. That way, you can control the lights with physical switches, voice commands, or a phone app.

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