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Firstly, the intelligent lighting control module is divided into two types of actuators, namely, intelligent switch control actuators and intelligent dimming control actuators.

Smart switch module vs smart dimmer module

The intelligent lighting control switch can be divided into single-channel switch module and multi-channel switch module according to the number of single control loops. The intelligent switch module of Aihomestyle mainly includes 1-channel and 2-channel modules, and is divided into 10A and 16A relay control loop modules according to the power of control loops. With regard to the intelligent dimming control actuator, the 1-way and 2-way dimming modules control the light brightness and switching function of LED lamps in the way of thyristor dimming. Regardless of the switch actuator and dimming actuator, it is necessary for the intelligent lighting control module to access the control bus by bus connection method and bear the bus management, so as to complete the rich and diverse control functions.

The application of intelligent dimmer module

The intelligent lighting control module's front dimming actuator adopts SCR dimming technology, which is often used for dimming incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, etc., and also for dimming LED lamps driven by dimmable chopper. Smart home zigbee led panel is common.

Intelligent lighting control module is a high-tech product. As a lamp controller, it is widely used by many merchants and recognized by people in the industry. This kind of equipment occupies a great advantage in the overall function, assisting users in different fields to achieve the effect of intelligent control of power system and lighting system.

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