Do Smart LED Lights Use Electricity when They Are Off?

When you think about saving costs around the house, you tend to think about as many possibilities as possible. Especially if you are someone who took the time to research and found that led bulbs are the best low cost, high return on investment. Smart LED lamps do consume very little power when the bulb is off. This trickle power allows the WiFi chip inside the smart LED lamp to remain in standby mode while waiting for commands.

1. Why do smart LED lamps use electricity even if they are turned off?

Smart LED lamps respond to commands via your phone app, a central hub or bridge-like Z-Wave or any kind of smart assistant like the popular Google Home or Alexa. This means that when you're curled up in the comfy bed and forget to turn off the light, you can turn it off without getting out of bed. You just speak or type commands to your assistant, or use your phone app. How is that possible? Very simple, the bulb receives the WiFi signal through the shared WiFi network the app is connected to. Moving on, let's say you've turned off your smart LED lamps using a phone app or smart assistant.

Even when the smart LED lamp is off, it uses negligible power as it needs to keep its internal WiFi chip on, ready to be in a standby position, waiting for a command from an app. In this case, if you wake up in the morning, your smart LED light will use its pre-programmed function to gradually turn the light on from dim orange to bright white to help you wake up in a "smart" way. So yes, even when the lights are off, the bulbs will draw power to power a smart chip waiting for user commands.

2. Will smart LED lamps use electricity when the switch is on but the bulb is off?

To reiterate, in the example above, when you turn off the lightbulb using the relevant app on your phone or Assistant, your lightbulb is consuming power. This is because you obviously haven't gotten up to turn off the wall or outlet switch connected to your light fixture, so the connected circuit allows power to be drawn into the bulb and the chip inside. This is much like your TV, video game console, kitchen gadgets like blenders and appliances like microwave ovens, and many other backup power devices. Even if you add all the smart LED lamps you use in your home, and also factor in the savings on your bill, the cost of keeping them on standby is nothing compared to the overall annual and monthly savings.

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