Comparison of Smart Home Lamps and Traditional Home Lighting

Home intelligence is first reflected in the intelligent control of lights, which can automatically adjust the brightness of lights according to the surrounding environment. One-key control of various scene modes makes consumers feel intelligent life experience. So what are the advantages of smart home lamps compared to ordinary lighting?

1. Understanding smart home lamps

Smart home lamping refers to a distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, and remote communication control system composed of technologies such as computer, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing, and energy-saving electrical control to achieve the  intelligent control of lighting equipment and even home life equipment. It has the functions of intensity adjustment of light brightness, soft start of light, timing control, scene setting and so on, achieving the characteristics of safety, energy saving, comfort and efficiency.

2. Smart home lamps and traditional home lighting

Although traditional home lighting is very practical, the one-button-one-lamp lighting method is too mechanical and outdated. The owner must press the button to switch on and off every time he enters and exits the room. Often, electricity is wasted because he forgets to turn off the light, which is frustrating. In addition, since there is no remote control function, the larger the room, the more inconvenient to use traditional lighting, which goes against the trend of convenient and fast living for the residents.

Smart home lamps can automatically control lighting according to the function of a certain area, different times of the day, outdoor brightness or the use of the area. For example, a few minutes before the wake-up time you set, the system will control your light intensity gradually. Start boosting, and your brain is stimulated by the light, which, gradually, triggers the start of your body's wake-up cycle. When the intensity of the light reaches maximum, you will wake up on your own without the need for an alarm clock. This is a natural and effective wake up process stimulated by a natural sunrise.

Compared with the traditional smart home lamps, it can also be preset, and has the function of converting the lighting brightness into a series of settings. There are smart sensor lights, smart scene lights, and the effects achieved by smart home lamps are also very diverse. And there are a variety of modes to choose from. When you go to work and leave home, you can choose the "away from home" mode, the owner toggles the mobile phone, all the lights in the home are turned off, and in the "viewing movie" mode after dinner, the chandelier is turned off, The wall lights turn on and the TV plays. In addition, the lighting system also has the function of self-locking after power failure. When the home is powered off, all the lights will remain off after the call. Although smart home lamps are not as widely used as ordinary lighting, their many advantages determine that they will become the main development trend of the lighting industry in the future.

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