Customize Your Lighting with Smart Lamps

1. How do smart lamps work?

Typically, smart lamps use a mesh network, which means each bulb communicates wirelessly with its neighbors. This creates a network of light bulbs, usually controlled by a smart lamping hub that you plug into your router. Smart lights can be controlled from smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart home controls in addition to traditional manual controls. How can this be? Smart lights connect to your device via WiFi connection or Bluetooth. This allows you to make lighting changes quickly, easily and even automatically.

2. Customize your lighting with smart lamps

CHANGING TEMPERATURE/COLORS: Don't want to choose between bright, sunny bulbs and warm, cozy bulbs? With smart lamps, you don't have to. Smart lights allow you to adjust the color of each individual light or an entire group of lights. That means you can switch it up - light and airy for daytime, soft and cozy for movie night, or even colorful and festive for a party.

Save on energy costs: Aside from switching from incandescent bulbs to LED lights, the best way to save on energy costs is to simply turn off the lights when not in use. While it sounds easy, we've all woken up to find the kitchen light was on all night, or returned from a long day at work to a bright glow in the bedroom. With smart lamps, you can significantly reduce your energy bills through automated lighting and smart lamping apps.

Control with your smartphone or app: Using the app, you can group lights, schedule lighting, manage multiple lights and sync with your smart home devices. With app-controlled lighting, it's easier than ever to complete your lighting scheme, saving effort and energy in the process.

Increased security with motion detector: Smart lights can better protect your family's safety with motion detection technology. You can program the outdoor lights to turn on when motion is detected, and even get a notification when this happens. In addition to improving security, motion-sensing lights allow you to easily and safely navigate your home at night. This is especially useful for small children or guests who may be going to the bathroom at night.

Control your smart lamp from anywhere: Tired of distractions trying to adjust your home office lighting? Worried about forgetting to turn off the lights in the downstairs hall before going to bed? With smart home lighting, you can make the lighting adjustments you need without getting out of bed. Just open your app, press a button, and get back to whatever you're focused on - your work, your break, or spending time with your family.

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