Do Smart LED Lamps Slow Down WiFi?

Around you, the "Internet of Things" is shaping the way we live. With wearable technology like smartwatches and connected cars, machines are only getting smarter and more efficient. One of the hottest trends to get people excited is the creation of "smart homes," where appliances are wirelessly connected. They share information to run your home in a fully customizable way. Enter the smart led light mode. These neat little bulbs make a technician's dream come true. They easily connect to your phone app over your home WiFi network, bringing the glamour factor to your smart home quickly as a first step.

1. Will smart LED lamps interfere with WiFi?

When it comes to connecting smart apps over WiFi and controlling the various functions of smart LED lamps, an important factor that makes them work well is the strength of the WiFi first. So a strong WiFi network is a good thing to run the bulbs better. This is especially true if you also have other gadgets and electronic devices connected through the same network. Gadgets like smart assistants like Alexa, smart TVs, and sound systems like Sonos all affect your network load. However, if you're running 20 devices at the same time, including smart LED lamps, this load will only stress your network. But such loads are unlikely even in large families.

2. Will too many smart LED lamps on WiFi slow down the speed?

First, let's consider a solution to a slow-responding light bulb on your home WiFi network. Generally speaking, closer to the bulbs make a better connection, and you can control them faster than in a different room or away from the bulbs. Likewise, placing bulbs, fixtures, and fixtures in the corners of a room can affect how quickly smart apps respond to input. Now, if too many smart LED lamps are connected to the same network, the WiFi speed will slow down. Generally speaking, slow WiFi will slow down if too many smart LEDs, devices and appliances are connected. Investing in a WiFi extender or whole-house mesh WiFi is the best solution to improving slow WiFi.

However, technically speaking, you can connect up to 200 devices on some WiFi routers specifically! But this is not a good idea to implement in practice. To be sure, smart LED lamps don't use much bandwidth to run them, since you don't send and receive video over the network through the bulb. Although simply connected, bulbs do not use bandwidth. The led bulbs only access the WiFi router when you signal the bulb to change color, turn on/off, or enter a pre-programmed automation, etc.

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