Smart Light or Smart Switch? Smart Lighting or Home Smart Switch?

Intelligent home is the general trend of future decoration. Intelligent lighting is one of them. It can be divided into three ways: 1. Smart light+ordinary wall switch; 2. Smart wall switch+ordinary lamp; 3. Smart wall switch+smart lights. How should we choose? Let us tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of these three methods.

1. Smart light+ordinary wall switch

This method can realize the functions of adjusting brightness, color temperature, etc. of smart lights, but there are several embarrassing points in actual use, such as: 

1) After the wall switch is turned off, unless the wall switch is turned on, the remote control, mobile APP and other methods can't control the lights. 

2) If the lights are turned off through the mobile APP, etc., then the wall switch loses its control function, and the lights will not light up whether it is turned on or off. 

3) It's very easy to happen. I don't know whether I turned off the light using the wall switch or the app. When both are turned off, it's troublesome to turn on the light. Therefore, this unintelligent lighting scheme is not ideal enough.

2. Smart wall switch+ordinary lamps

This method is practical. After all, although the brightness and color temperature cannot be adjusted, there is no problem in controlling the switch of lamps. For most lamps that don't need dimming, such as spotlights, downlights, flat-panel lamps with integrated ceiling, and light strips, it is recommended to control them in this way. The cost is also very low. The price of ordinary lamps is not high, and the price of intelligent wall switches is not high, and it won't cause embarrassment like scheme 1. If you need to control the on-off and dimming functions of the lamps at the same time, you can choose the intelligent dimming module of Aihomestyle.

3. Smart lights+smart wall switches

This scheme is the most complete and effective. It can be understood as follows: the smart wall switch controls the power supply of the intelligent lamp. The intelligent switch of Aihomestyle is synchronized with the switch of APP to the lamps, so as to avoid the embarrassment of Option 1. The simplest thing is to use our intelligent dimming module, so that ordinary lamps can be directly controlled through APP, remote control, Alexa, google home, etc.

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