Smart LED Lighting and How It Works

Everything seems to be smart now: refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, water dispensers, and now - light bulbs? Smart LED lighting is arguably the easiest way to start your smart home upgrade. For some systems you can just plug them into the socket and download the application. Compared to traditional lighting, smart LED lighting is a more advanced method of giving you full control over your electricity consumption and usage, with some added benefits only available with smart bulbs or smart light switches.

Smart LED lighting isn't just limited to homes either. The University of Michigan began installing these lights on campus and in classrooms to take advantage of the bulbs' extended lifespan. Transitioning from regular incandescent light bulbs to smart LED lighting is an economical and energy-efficient solution. It's tempting to be able to control lighting from anywhere, even outside a country if needed. But this is just the beginning of understanding the benefits of these smart lighting solutions.

1. What is smart LED lighting?

Have you ever thought about using your phone to control your lights? It's certainly possible to get up and turn the lights on and off, but not if you want to light up your house on the way home from get off work in the dark of winter. Technology is expanding in all areas, and finally, our lamps benefit from these advancements.

With smart LED lighting, you can use your smartphone to turn off and on all the lighting in your home using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and even radio. You can do more than just adjust the lights, though that's helpful too, especially if you want to dim the lights at night or turn them off completely while snuggling up to watch a movie. But if you have colored LED bulbs, you can also adjust the color of the light. Just a few taps on your phone.

2. How does smart LED lighting work?

Most smart LED lighting is connected with a hub, which is just a set of hardware. It's easiest to compare it to your computer's wireless router. Once the bulbs are installed, you rarely need to fiddle with them again. The hub and corresponding app (how you manage your bulbs) will walk you through the installation setup and then give you a full range of lighting options. While light bulbs are sufficient for most people, you should be aware of other components of smart LED lighting, such as smart switches. Both have their pros and cons, depending on your requirements in terms of light quality, cost, and setup.

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