The Function of LED Lights and Their Application Scenarios

In the history of human beings and their development, the first LED light source made by applying the principle of semiconductor junction light emission came out in the early 1960s. The material used at that time was red light, so what is the function of the led light?

1.The function of led lights

At first, leds were used as indicating light sources for instruments and meters. Later, leds of various light colors were widely used in traffic lights and large-area display screens, resulting in good economic and social benefits. In addition, led lights have been used in outdoor red, green and blue full-color display screens, keychain micro flashlights and other fields. For general lighting, people need more white light sources. Part of the blue light emitted by the LED substrate is absorbed by the phosphor, and the other part of the blue light is mixed with the yellow light emitted by the phosphor to obtain white light. Now by changing the chemical composition of the YAG phosphor and adjusting the thickness of the phosphor layer, various white lights with a color temperature of 3500-10000K can be obtained. In fact, LED lamps are what we usually call energy-saving lamps. Different power led lights have different prices. And different craftsmanship and different exterior materials will also cause price differences. LED is what we often call energy-saving lamps, which have been widely used in traffic lights and large-area display screens, resulting in good economic and social benefits.

2. The use of led lights

Although the LED light is very bright, if it is not used in the right place, the effect may be greatly reduced or even counterproductive. So what kind of LED lights are used in what kind of scenes?

Led line light, this is a decorative light, it is OK to use it to set off the atmosphere, if you want to use it for lighting (you want to achieve a very, very bright effect), then you have to think about it, we can only say that it is yellowish Lights are not suitable for reading and writing. Of course, if you want to decorate your home with splendor, this is the best way to use it.

LED flood light, this is the absolute lighting, the biggest use of led flood light is to contrast the local lighting effect. The use scenarios of such LED lights are generally in the local lighting of buildings (some to highlight the light and shadow effects), indoor decorative effects, local lighting in public spaces (for example, indicative signs, etc.), and outdoor landscape lighting is also widely used.

LED point light source, this is very widely used, independent light source patterns (shapes that are clearly separated from the surrounding lights) can be realized by one or more point light sources, because graphics can be composed of points.

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